Behavior Consultant Services

Behavior Consultation services are available to all registered child care providers.  Each of West Virginia’s resource and referral agencies employs a Behavior Consultant to serve the child care centers, facilities, and home providers in their region.

The Behavior Consultant is a person with experience in behavior guidance and child development.

  • The consultant is someone you can talk to if you are not sure about a child’s behavior, if you find yourself frustrated by a particular situation, or if you just have a question.
  • All services are confidential and free of charge.
  • Assistance is offered in many forms, including: phone conversations, written information, site visits, and face to face discussion – whatever you are most comfortable with.
  • The consultant’s main goal is to support you – the provider.

The Behavior Consultant can help with many of your concerns:

  • Helping children who have challenging behaviors
  • Helping children who have developmental concerns
  • Helping children who have special needs
  • Using developmentally appropriate practices
  • Offering positive guidance
  • Managing routines, schedules, and environment to support positive behavior

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